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Snow White

Another day dawns in Fairyland. Meanwhile, there is some serious badness going on in the kingdom. The nasty Queen has turned her own boy, Phineas, into a goblin! Just because he wouldn’t eat his Brussel sprouts! To make matters worse, Queeny has just been told by the Mirror that she is not the most beautiful in the kingdom any more! She wants Snow White lost in the dark, dark scary woods forever. The humanity! But Snow White finds a cutesy little cottage where she can hide until she can find her way back home again. Imagine her surprise when she finds the cottage belongs to some dwarfs! But when they trudge off to work in the bitcoin mines the next day, the Queen, disguised as an old lady (it wasn’t much of stretch!) gives Snow White a poisoned apple – the pure evilness of it all! Phineas and the dwarves finally turn up to the cottage to find Snow White in a deep, deep sleep. Will the Mirror be able to save the fairest in the land by revealing that true love conquers all? Or will Queeny continue her quest to be best? It’s a tale of beauty, romance and evil potions set to lift your spirits and bring joy to your heart.

At the Gryphon Theatre, 22 Ghuznee St, Wellington
April 23-27 at 10am & 11.45am
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