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This school holidays,  join Jack and the Beanstalk and escape into a colourful world of imagination and adventure!

Three shows sold out! Be quick!

…King Oswald is worried! A giant has moved into town and emptied the royal coffers of all of the treasure, and he still wants more money! All of the knights of the realm have run away and the kingdom needs a hero to chase away the giant! Someone, brave, upright and true, smart, bold and clever, a hero right through!

As the fairy godmother says:

“This kingdom once echoed with joy and laughter

And everyone lived happily ever after

Till a horrible giant moved into town

Spreading his misery up hill and down

He’s terrible, horrible, awful and mean

The nastiest giant that you’ve ever seen!”

King Oswald must collect the rent from the villagers to help pay the giant but no one has any money, not even Jack’s mother, Dame Spratt. The only way for her to raise the rent, is to sell Jack’s friend Daisy the cow. Dame Spratt is very cross when Jack brings home a handful of “magic” beans in exchange for Daisy, but overnight, the beans grow way up into the sky, right up to the giant’s castle!

Jack is in love with Princess Polly so when the giant snatches the princess and carries her up to his castle, Jack volunteers to climb up the beanstalk and rescue her!

Can Jack be the hero Princess Polly wants him to be? Can he chase away the giant? Find out and meet all of the colourful characters in “Jack and The Beanstalk”!

Get ready to dance, hop, sing and shout … it’s panto time again and it’s never been crazier!

October 10-13

10am & 11.30am

BATS Theatre 1 Kent Terrace

Book online at

or call (04) 802 4175